The Mission Declarations 2022

We declare that the time for being led by fear is over.

Therefore, we embrace the Holy Spirit as our guide and comfort; and fear will not dictate our decisions.

We declare that the time for staying home and away from our root system is over.

Therefore, We give ourselves to be planted deep into the soil of relationship with God and others.

We declare that the season of multiplication is at our door.

Therefore, we will open wide the door and welcome the harvest.

We declare that the season of unnecessary warfare is coming to an end.

Therefore, the voice of the empowered church will be heard in the land, and the giants of opposition will fall.

We declare that nothing has the power to stop the move of the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, we partner for His purposes to be done in our lives, our families, and our world.

We declare the season of filling, not emptying, is upon us; and His glory and His people will occupy the House.

Therefore, we present ourselves as vessels for His blessings and His power.

We declare that no debt can survive in the atmosphere of our generosity.

Therefore, we give ourselves as conduits of poverty-breaking prosperity and liberality; and we declare that we will have resources enough, and more than enough, to meet every need and fund every dream.